Jose Mourinho urges Sir Alex Ferguson to boost influence at United

Jose Mourinho urges Sir Alex Ferguson to boost influence at United

Despite seemingly being in attendance for a majority of Manchester United‘smatches, Sir Alex Ferguson’s attempt to distance himself from his old job has apparently resulted in a self-imposed ban of the team’s dressing room.

Jose Mourinho wants that to change.

The current United boss revealed that he’s eager to see Ferguson return to the dressing room that the legendary manager controlled for the better part of three decades before retiring in 2013.

Speaking with Portuguese outlet SIC, Mourinho said that he’s puzzled by Ferguson’s refusal to return to the dressing room and insisted that the 75-year-old travel with the team rather than find his own way to away matches.

“At the end of games, when he (Ferguson), Sir Bobby Charlton, and the CEO come down and he’s the only one that doesn’t come in the changing rooms, I told him this type of situation makes no sense, he needs to feel free to do what a person of his stature that represents the club can do.

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“We have the same friendship we always have had, an SMS, a birthday or Christmas card. He wanted to leave and not return, maybe for his own comfort. I told him, it made no sense, us travelling to London on a private train and Sir Alex, going by car.

“‘No, you come in the train’. He’s so respectful that he got a bit shy in this approach; it has to be us to make him feel cared for, and made him feel that in our heads there aren’t ghosts.

“He will always be an ambassador to this club but he’s been doing it as far as he can from the changing rooms.”

A return to the dressing room, however, won’t be an issue for Michael Carrick

‘supcoming testimonial match, after Ferguson was named manager of theManchester United 2008 XI that will take on Harry Redknapp’s All-Star XI at Old Trafford on June 4.

While he’s looking forward to reuniting with his former players from that Champions League-winning season, Ferguson admits he’s happy his return to managing just as a one-off.

“I think the best bit will be seeing the players, to be honest with you,” Ferguson told the team’s website Monday. “No (I don’t miss managing). I miss the big games of course but I made my decision and I’m enjoying it. I don’t have to worry about you lads or the agents or the press conferences and having to control that press secretary of mine!”


Published at Mon, 20 Mar 2017 12:57:44 +0000

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